Message from the President

As a company in the present age, activities aimed at realizing a sustainable society are an important management issue. The Group has established “promotion of sustainability ” as a priority measure in our current medium-term management plan and identified three key themes in this policy in September 2022.

The first theme is “people,” which are the strength of our Group. We have formulated a new personnel development policy, strengthening our initiatives on both an individual and organizational level. We are also promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) as well as the physical and mental health of our employees, pursuing initiatives aimed at realizing a work environment in which high-level performance can be exercised.

The second theme is “technology.” Because our Group does not maintain facilities such as datacenters that require significant electricity, CO₂ emissions from our business activities are limited. However, the possibilities are expanding for the technologies possessed by the Group, including the provision of visualization solutions for CO₂ emissions. By providing our unique solutions, the Group will contribute to the response to climate change by society and companies and to the realization of carbon neutrality.

The third theme is “governance.” For this theme, we are working to ensure the independence of the Group and to protect minority shareholders through steps including having the majority of the Board of Directors composed of Independent Outside Directors. Additionally, we are pursuing sound, sustainable growth through initiatives aimed at enforcing compliance , improving the quality of our services and products, and enhancing information security.

Being of particular importance to the Group and its stakeholders, we believe the themes and issues should be prioritized, and will address the issues effectively.

Ryoichi Nawa
President, CEO & COO