Vision 2030

Long-term Management Vision, “Vision 2030”

As the embodiment of our enduring corporate philosophy, we will continue to meet the expectations of society, companies, and consumers. We aim to be an agent of change for society and corporations through X Innovation (cross innovation) that transcends the boundaries of technology, industries, companies, and regions.

Our ideal positioning in 2030 DENTSU SOKEN's next vision, X Innovator.

Auto-Transformation toward Vision 2030 Promoting Four Self-transformations

Business domain expansion HIRAKU

Expand business domain from the resolution of individual corporate business issues to support for the resolution of all issues faced by the entire company and social transformation.

New capability acquisition TSUKURU

Further enhance strengths in technology implementation while acquiring the capabilities necessary to guide social and corporate transformation as new strengths.

Earnings model innovation KASEGU

In addition to expanding and strengthening solutions, strive to diversify profit model and improve profitability through the establishment of new delivery models.

Management foundation innovation SASAERU

Update management foundation to accelerate the speed of self-transformation and acquire the ability to flexibly adapt to future changes in the environment.

Steps to FY2030 Realize the vision in 3 years x 3 steps

In order to realize our "Our ideal positioning in 2030," we have divided the nine years from 2022 to 2030 into three phases, and have clarified the positioning of each phase.

  1. 1st Plan (FY2022 - 2024) Accelerate growth and build foundation
    DENTSU SOKEN X Innovation 2024

    While accelerating growth by deepening X Innovation,
    we will look ahead to 2030 and build a new foundation for the DENTSU SOKEN Group

  2. 2nd Plan (FY2025 - 2027) Make further challenges on a new foundation 2025 is 50th anniversary
  3. 3rd Plan (FY2028 - 2030) Realize DENTSU SOKEN Group's ideal positioning

Please see below for explanatory materials on Vision 2030 and the Medium-term Management Plan.PDF