Strengthening of Human Capital


The Group has identified “strengthening of human capital” as a key material issue in promoting sustainability. We will continue to advance a wide range of investments in human capital as well as personnel development initiatives, including aggressive hiring, the expansion of growth opportunities, and improvements in our personnel and remuneration systems.
Moreover, we aim to increase our corporate value through a four-step cycle. Beginning at step one, we will “invest in human capital and develop personnel,” plan to “boost engagement and spur innovation” among employees, “strengthen corporate competitiveness,” and then “achieve business growth.”

Our Human Resource Development Policy is guided by the parallel goals of encouraging the self-disciplined growth of each of our employees and building an organization that produces results. To ensure effectiveness and efficiency in promoting our human resource development policies, we proactively use a wide range of human resources (HR) data that we measure in house.

Human Resource Development Policy:Each Individual is a X Innovator

Becoming an Organization that Maximizes “Personality” and Takes Joy in Self-Transformation

Our goal is to produce professional personnel who are recognized by the entire market and highly esteemed, including our customers. To do so, not only do we support increasing and expanding the expertise possessed by our employees, but we also focus on increasing the personality they each possess. Moreover, for each of our employees to become a X Innovator, we encourage them to take the appropriate actions in line with our “AHEAD—Be a pioneer.” action principle both as individuals and also in their roles in company organizations, teams, and projects. These actions should be constant, and by continuously pursuing selftransformation and realizing innovation, the Company will grow and produce
significant results that could not be achieved by any one individual.



DENTSU SOKEN offers a wide range of career paths, depending on the role, skills, and areas of expertise that our business requires at any given time. Employees are required to consider and select the process by which they will develop themselves to shape their careers.

From Shaping to Building a Career

Training Structure

DENTSU SOKEN provides a wide range of educational programs according to skills and areas of expertise, and support each employee's autonomous career development.

DENTSU SOKEN Training Structure
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    Self-development opportunities, training for individual departments, and outside seminars are also provided.

Level-based and general skills programs

Programs aimed at inculcating the mindset and skills required for each level and role within the career development process to cultivate the type of human resources sought by the Company.

Newly appointed manager training

Group training is provided for newly appointed managers to improve management skills, which are key for realizing an organization linking management with the frontlines.

Leadership training

Training designed to help participants recognize their own unique leadership qualities and potential, work with intrinsic motivation, and create their own opportunities to exercise leadership within the organization.

Selective training programs

Selective training programs are offered to systematically promote the acquisition of advanced expertise and develop next-generation management personnel. 

Senior management candidate training

Program designed to inculcate broad and deep perspectives, strategic thinking, and the conceptual skills required of managers through weekly real-world case studies and discussions with participants from different industries during lectures given by managers using videos and booklets.

Specialized skills programs

Programs supporting systematic employee development through the provision of coursework, group training, and e-learning covering a wide range of skill areas with the aim of enhancing the skills required to conduct business.

Business skill enhancement seminars

Coursework (group training, e-learning, etc.) covering the roles and positions required for business, as well as a wide range of skills and areas of expertise. Recruiting is timed to coincide with the setting of semi-annual employee goals, providing all employees with opportunities to think autonomously about enhancing skills and improving expertise.

Support for the acquisition of qualifications

The Company covers examination fees and other costs for employees who acquire the required and designated qualifications.

Other programs

Career development support

Workshops combining self-reflection, in which participants look at their own past, future, and present, with dialogue and third-party feedback aimed at enabling participants to verbalize their own intrinsic motivation and develop their career prospects.

Business school support

50% of course fees are covered for employees who complete Company-designated courses. The remaining course and examination fees are covered in the event employees acquire qualifications.

In-house English conversation program

Two courses are provided: Employee group lessons led by in-house instructors (in-house English conversation class), and web-based private lessons (outside school).

English conversation school support

50% of course fees are covered for employees who complete Company-designated courses.

TOEIC exam

The company covers all exam fees for open practice exams.


2022 Training Programs

Training Provided Number of Participants
According to level
  • For those new to the job (management, business skills, finance)
  • For career formation


General skills
  • Business
  • Management strategy, finance
  • Marketing
  • English conversation


Technical skills Provided to participants in:
  • Technical qualification programs
  • Technical workshops


Recruitment initiatives

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