Environmental Protection

We aim to reduce any environmental burdens that might arise as a result of our business activities.

Data Collection

Efforts are being made to meet targets to reduce the amount of electricity used in the conduct of business. The following figures are non-consolidated. Click here for other environment-related performance data.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (T-CO2) April 2019?March 2020 2,791 April 2020?March 2021 2,017 April 2021?March 2022 1,832
Energy Usage(Crude oil conversion) April 2019?March 2020 1,486 April 2020?March 2021 1,182 April 2021?March 2022 1,078

Head Office Initiatives

At Head Office, we have a number of energy conservation measures in place.

Operations Blinds

Installed in each department on all floors to ensure better insulation.

Air conditioning

Helps reduce power consumption as the summer temperature in offices is set at 27°C.

Light fixtures

Reduce power consumption as fewer and dimmer corridor lights are used.

Equipment Heat sources

Double effect gas absorption chiller and hot water generator
Control the number of heat source devices with respect to heat loads.

Water transport system

Controls the number of pumps activated by the heat load and controls the pump inverter

Air conditioners, exhaust fans

To reduce the amount of power used, air volume is controlled by an inverter activated by the difference between the indoor temperature that is set and the ambient temperature.

Lighting equipment

For a reduction in power consumption:
Installation of system ceilings in all departments, and replacement of Hf inverters and harmonic lighting (with dedicated Hf fluorescent lights) with LED lighting (conversion rate: 90% or more).
Use of motion sensors on stairs.

Double-glazed windows

Provide energy efficiency. The shield keeps cool air in during summer and hot air in during winter.

Water-conserving wash basin fixtures

Water-conserving foam dispensers reduce the amount of water needed for handwashing.

PET Bottle Cap Collection Campaign

In July 2009, the DENTSU SOKEN Head Office launched an annual PET bottle cap collection campaign. Volunteers collect and recycle used PET bottle caps, which are sold to recycling enterprises, thereby providing the money for poor children in Third World countries to receive vaccines.

The bottle caps are collected at Head Office and the vaccines are purchased and provided through the NPO Cap Savings Box Promotion Network and the NPO that goes by the name of Japan Committee, Vaccines for the World’s Children.

It is said that if 400 caps are incinerated, rather than recycled, they generate 3,150g of CO2. This initiative thus contributes to society by reducing CO2 emissions.

Cleanup Activities

In Tokyo’s Minato Ward, where the DENTSU SOKEN Head Office is located, we take part in cleaning activities each spring and fall, together with other nearby companies. This not only helps protect the environment, but also helps the community by removing litter, such as empty cans and bottles, as well as cigarette butts, that passers-by drop on the sidewalk.

Environmental Contributions through Business

  • Notes:
    On January 1, 2024, Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. (ISID) changed its Company name to DENTSU SOKEN INC. Please be aware that the Company name, service names, and other information were current at time of publication.

Raising Environmental Consciousness

E-Learning for Employees

Every year, DENTSU SOKEN conducts environment-related e-learning sessions for all officers and employees. By highlighting issues related to our and the Dentsu Group’s environmental activities, we hope to raise the environmental consciousness of all those who work for us.

SDG-related Slogans

Slogans that highlight the SDGs are being solicited from all those at Dentsu Group companies in Japan and their family members. This step is our attempt to increase awareness in this country of the SDGs.