DENTSU SOKEN believes it is important that its business activities work in favor of the global environment, in the best interests of human health, and that they play a part in the creation of a prosperous society. Further, our business reflects the environmental policy of the Dentsu Group.

Environmental Policy

Based on the Dentsu Group Code of Conduct, the Dentsu Group aims to reduce the environmental burden generated through its business operations. In order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, we will do the following:

  • Correctly assess the environmental impact of our business activities and work to reduce their burden on the environment
  • Work to develop and propose environmentally conscious business activities and contribute to the improvement of environmental issues
  • Ensure thorough implementation of environmental compliance and engage in ongoing improvements to boost environmental performance through more precisely defined environmental objectives and outcomes

Environmental Protection

  • We actively endeavor to prevent pollution, alleviate climate change, and conserve biodiversity and ecosystems.

Environmental Communication

  • We actively engage in environmental education, for the next generation and environmental communication activities for business partners and employees, to raise recognition of environmental issues.

Environmental Objectives

  • 1.
    Promotion of activities to business partners, consumers, and employees to raise recognition of environmental issues.
  • 2.
    Promotion of activities to prevent global warming and conserve ecosystems.
  • 3.
    Maintaining waste reduction and recycling at a high rate.

Implementation Process

As part of its Sustainability-related role, DENTSU SOKEN established the Eco Program Committee. This body seeks to reduce DENTSU SOKEN’s environmental burdens and so help improve the environment through the Company’s business activities. It also oversees DENTSU SOKEN’s management of the environment and how improvements are being made to its environmental management system, ensuring that related activities comply with ISO14001 requirements.
The committee members present at quarterly meetings include the chairman, environmental manager, as well as representatives of each department and branch office. These individuals share their knowledge of, and discuss, the progress of DENTSU SOKEN’s action plans and the status of environment-related efforts being carried out by the Dentsu Group.

The Eco Program Committee

Environmental Management

As a member of the Dentsu Group, DENTSU SOKEN introduced the Dentsu Group Eco Program* at all its domestic business sites in 2005. That May, DENTSU SOKEN acquired ISO14001 certification, which is the international standard for environmental management systems.

  • *
    It promotes environment-related responses from a number of perspectives.

ISO14001 certificates of registration