Relationship with Stakeholders

The DENTSU SOKEN Group’s business-related activities are conducted bearing in mind the interests of all our stakeholders, including clients, shareholders, investors, business partners, and employees.

It is through ongoing communication with stakeholders that we are able to assist in resolving various societal issues, create value for society, and realize sustainable development, while at the same time promoting our areas of business.

DENTSU SOKEN Group Clients Business Partners Communities Environment Shareholders and Investors Employees

Dialogues with Stakeholders

Category Stakeholder Main Approach
Employees DENTSU SOKEN employees and their families
  • Engagement surveys
  • Exchange opinions with employee representatives
  • Various types of consultation desks
Shareholders and investors Individual investors, institutional investors, and other DENTSU SOKEN Group shareholders
  • Ordinary Shareholders Meeting
  • Interviews with institutional investors within and outside Japan
  • Results briefing
  • Information disseminated on the IR website and through business reports
Clients Clients utilizing services provided by the DENTSU SOKEN Group
  • Daily sales and proposal activities
  • Messaging disseminated on various media and websites
  • Client support centers
Business partners Business partners collaborating in the provision of DENTSU SOKEN Group services
  • Daily business transactions
Local communities Local communities and non-profits organizations associated with the DENTSU SOKEN Group
  • Participation in regional events
  • Sponsorship and support during community contribution activities
Government agencies and industry organizations Government agencies and industry organizations associated with the DENTSU SOKEN Group
  • Submit various notifications and reports
  • Participation in conferences, seminars, and other initiatives/div>

Major Participating Organizations and Initiatives

Through participation in external organizations and initiatives, we share and examine information on various social issues.

  • Japan Business Federation
  • Japan Association of Corporate Executives
  • Japan Information Technology Services Industry Association
  • Telecom Services Association
  • ESG Disclosure Study Group
  • General Incorporated Association Para-Sports Development Network of Japan
  • GX League (GX:green transformation)

Multi-Stakeholder Policy

Our business activities involve customers, shareholders, business partners, employees, regional communities, and various other stakeholders to reflect our mission, as embraced by our corporate philosophy. The mission of our corporate philosophy is to "Acting with sincerity, we contribute to progress and harmony among our customers, consumers, and society by exploring the unlimited potential of technology."

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