Message from the President

Striving to be an unprecedented research institute that is the trusted choice of society, companies and consumers

The thoughts behind our change of name to DENTSU SOKEN INC.

The company was established in 1975 as a joint venture between Dentsu (now:DENTSU Group) and the US-based General Electric Company (GE). In the years since, we have operated as a system integrator with unique DNA, expanding our business by being among the first to uncover customer challenges and needs, and solving them through the implementation and provision of IT.
Nearly five decades after being established, the Group is now pursuing self-transformations aimed at further growth. In Vision 2030, our long-term management vision, we defined our ideal positioning in 2030 as commanding a presence that “meets the expectations of society, companies, and consumers,” and declared four self-transformations aimed at becoming a company with diverse talent, a wealth of technologies and various solutions. Now as part of these efforts and with the aim of effecting a rebranding and repositioning, from January 2024 the company name changed from Information Services International-Dentsu (ISID) to DENTSU SOKEN.

A future envisioned as a combination of System Integration, Consulting and Thinktank

The DENTSU SOKEN Group will deal in earnest with society as a whole, including government agencies, municipalities and consumers as well as companies. Through synergy between System Integration, our traditional core business, and the Consulting and Thinktank functions that have been expanded with our corporate name change, we will provide customers with optimum solutions in terms of creating value and improving the customer experience, both of which are fundamental to corporate activities.
Our value proposition and business concept at the DENTSU SOKEN Group is to create a cycle that runs from the proposal of issues to their technology-driven solutions, and broadly contribute to solving social issues while supporting and realizing an evolution into a better society. 

HUMANOLOGY for the future - Bringing people and technology together to shape the future.

HUMANOLOGY for the future - Bringing people and technology together to shape the future.
This is the corporate vision that we continue to advocate from our years as Information Services International-Dentsu (ISID). This vision embodies our desire to “work in earnest with each person to make their lives more comfortable through technology, to contribute more to corporate growth, and above all, to be a company that further enriches society.”
To  be an indispensable part of society by leveraging people and technologies as our top priorities to make society better no matter how it or the economic environment changes with the times, we at DENTSU SOKEN will continue to pioneer the future and create new value with the power of people and technology.

Hirohisa Iwamoto
President, CEO & COO