Our Business

By combining system integration, consulting, and think tank capabilities , the DENTSU SOKEN Group delivers optimum solutions for customers in terms of both value creation and customer experience improvements fundamental to company activities.
In implementing a cycle of investigating issues, making recommendations, and implementing technology-driven solutions, we are going beyond the system integrator framework to implement societal innovations . This is the DENTSU SOKEN Group’s business concept.

Professionals with in-depth expertise and powers of insight, and the technological expertise to solve challenges.
These are the strengths that have made DENTSU SOKEN a chosen solutions provider over many years.

Diverse team of professionals

Based on our business knowledge gained from working with some 2,500 corporate customers, we identify the core issues and propose technology-driven roadmaps to solve them.

1 In-depth understanding of wide-ranging industries and business processes
2 Knowledge of society and consumers built up at Dentsu Group
3 Ability to propose solutions to challenges

Technological expertise

We work with many different partners and drive cross-innovation that deploys cutting-edge technology, software, and services to implement technology for solving challenges at client companies and in society.

1 Ability to deploy cutting-edge technology in business
2 Ability to plan and develop original products and services
3 Ability to drive cross-innovation