On January 1, 2024, Information Services International-Dentsu (ISID) changed its name to "DENTSU SOKEN" and started anew.

DENTSU SOKEN was established in 1975 as a joint venture between Dentsu (currently Dentsu Group) and U.S.-based General Electric Company (GE), and started a unique business, the first time-sharing service (TSS: a shared computer service) in the private sector, when there were neither personal computers nor the Internet.

Later, as the world and business models underwent rapid changes with the spread of the Internet, we were quick to advocate the term "system integrator" to transform our business and expand our services. In this way, we have flexibly "transformed (changed)" ourselves in response to the "transformation (change)" of companies, society, markets, and technology, which is our history and the source of our growth.

Now, we are in our third period of change as "DENTSU SOKEN". In addition to systems integration, we will expand our think-tank and consulting functions to comprehensively support the transformation and change of companies and society, with the aim of creating value for the consumers who wait beyond these changes.


  • 1971

    The Time-sharing Service Division is set up in Dentsu's Tokyo headquarters.

    Offers first private computer time-sharing service, Mark I, for commercial use in Japan, in collaboration with GE.

  • 1975

    Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. is set up as a joint venture between Dentsu and GE.

  • 1976

    ・ Opens the Osaka Sales Office (currently the Osaka Branch Office), and the Nagoya Sales Office (currently the Chubu Branch Office).
    ・ Structural analysis system begins on MARK Ⅲ.


  • 1982

    Establishes the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Technology Center, and begins offering CAE software through a business tie-up with U.S. firm Structural Dynamics Research Corporation (currently Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.).

  • 1983

    Begins offering Global Banking System (GBS) a back office system for overseas locations of Japanese financial institutions.

  • 1984

    Offers consolidated accounting system on MARK Ⅲ.

  • 1986

    London Branch Office (currently DENTSU SOKEN UK, Ltd.) established in the U.K.

  • 1987

    ISI-Dentsu of America, Inc. (currently DENTSU SOKEN USA, INC.) established in the U.S.

  • 1989

    ・ Starts system development and operation services for Dentsu’s internal corporate data system.
    ・ Opens Hong Kong Branch Office(currently DENTSU SOKEN HONG KONG LIMITED).


  • 1991

    Engineering consulting services begin through alliance with US-based International TechneGroup Inc.

  • 1992

    ISI-Dentsu Singapore Pte. Ltd. established (currently DENTSU SOKEN SINGAPORE PTE. LTD.) in Singapore.

  • 1993

    Begin offering I-DEAS Master Series (currently NX) 3D design software from U.S. firm Structural Dynamics Research Corporation (currently Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.).

  • 1994

    ・ SCOPE Ⅱ (currently STRAVIS) consolidated accounting software, goes in operation.
    ・ Offers STAFFBRAIN integrated human resources software for mid-sized companies.
    ・ Begin offering Metaphase (currently Teamcenter) PLM software from U.S. firm Structural Dynamics Research Corporation (currently Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.).

  • 1997

    Opens the Hiroshima Office (currently the Hiroshima Branch Office)


  • 2000

    ・ Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
    ・ Shanghai Representative Office established (currently 電通総研(上海)信息諮詢有限公司).

  • 2001

    ・ Begin offering Liquidity Management System (currently Stream-R) for New BOJ-Net (Bank of Japan Financial Network System)
    ・ Makes KISCO Solutions, Ltd. a subsidiary (name changed to Brainyworks, Ltd. in 2001, integrated with ISID in 2009).
    ・ iTiD Consulting, Ltd. (made a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2010, integrated with DENTSU SOKEN in 2024) established as a joint venture with U.S. firm International TechneGroup Inc.
    ・ Makes KEICHO, Ltd. (currently DENTSU SOKEN IT INC.) a subsidiary.

  • 2002

    ・ ISID Fairness, Ltd. established (integrated with DENTSU SOKEN in 2023).
    ・ Makes SIID, Ltd. a subsidiary (name changed to ISID Technosolutions, Ltd. in 2004, integrated with DENTSU SOKEN in 2009).
    ・ Markets POSITIVE, an integrated human capital management solution for large corporations.

  • 2003

    Markets STRAVIS, a consolidated accounting software.

  • 2004

    RiskTaker (currently BANK R) a loan integration software, goes on the market.

  • 2005

    ISID South East Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (currently DENTSU SOKEN (THAILAND) LIMITED) established in Thailand.

  • 2006

    Makes ESTECH Corporation a subsidiary.

  • 2009

    ・ Markets iPRIME NAVI (currently iQUAVIS), a design/development support software.
    ・ ISID Advanced Outsourcing, Ltd.(currently DENTSU SOKEN SECURE SOLUTIONS INC.) established.


  • 2010

    ・ Opens Beijing Branch Office in China.
    ・ Begin offering CLOUDiS cloud service.

  • 2011

    ・ West Japan Branch Office closed, and opens Kansai Branch Office, Chubu Branch Office, and Hiroshima Branch Office.
    ・ Establishes Open Innovation Laboratory (currently Open Innovation Lab), an organization to develop new business utilizing leading-edge technologies.
    ・ Makes Koozyt, Inc. an affiliate.

  • 2012

    ・ Begin offering iPLAss marketing platform service.
    ・ Begin deploying “+fooop!“, a Social City Platform which connects people and cities.
    ・ Taiwan Branch Office established in Taiwan.
    ・ San Francisco Office of ISI-Dentsu of America, Inc., established in the U.S. as a research and development site.

  • 2013

    ・ ISID South East Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd. recommenced business operations.
    ・ ISID Business Consulting, Ltd. (integrated with DENTSU SOKEN in 2024) established.
    ・ PT. ISID Indonesia (currently PT. DENTSU SOKEN INDONESIA) established in Indonesia.
    ・ Opens Toyota Branch Office.

  • 2014

    ・ ISID Engineering, Ltd. established. (integrated with DENTSU SOKEN in 2022)
    ・ Opens 2020 Technology & Business Development Office, an organization to develop business solutions aiming Year 2020 and beyond.

  • 2015

    Changes company’s fiscal year-end to December 31.

  • 2016

    First FinTech base, FINOLAB, set up in Japan, an industry base to support growth of FinTech startup.

  • 2017

    Dentsu Digital Marketing Technology Center set up with Dentsu Digital Co., Ltd.

  • 2018

    ・ Two Pillars GmbH established in Germany. (made a subsidiary in 2023)
    ・ Ci*X Expense, an expense settlement system, is marketed.

  • 2019

    ・ Makes PT. Ebiz Cipta Solusi a subsidiary. (integrated with PT. ISID Indonesia in 2021)
    ・ Makes Smart Holdings Inc. an affiliate.
    ・ FINOLAB Inc. established with Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd.
    ・ ACSiON, Ltd. established with Seven Bank, Ltd


  • 2020

    ・ ISID Bright, Ltd. (currently DENTSU SOKEN BRIGHT INC.) established.
    ・ Dentsu Innovation Studio Inc. established in San Francisco.

  • 2021

    ・ Launches “Dentsu DX Ground ”, a cross- Group organization of the Dentsu Group.
    ・ Ci*X Financials, Group integrated accounting system, is marketed.

  • 2022

    ・ Formulates long-term management vision "Vision 2030“.
    ・ Launches medium-term management plan "ISID X Innovation 2024".
    ・ Transferred to Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market.

  • 2024

    ・ Company name changed to "DENTSU SOKEN INC.".
    ・ ITID and ISID Business Consulting are integrated, and DENTSU SOKEN, a think tank organization of dentsu Japan, is transferred.
    ・ Makes Mitsue-Links Co., Ltd. a wholly-owned subsidiary.